Embracing the Interruptions

All I wanted to do was take a nap.

It had been a late night, followed by an early morning, and sleep was the only thing that my mind could think about. My mind was resolute… nothing and nobody could stop me from my nap. So I made my way out of the venue and eagerly staggered toward our tour buses to complete my mission of mid-day slumber.

Out of the corner of my eye something peculiar caught my sight. I almost ignored it, but the curiosity found in a groggy stupor got the best of me. Peering in a bit more intently I noticed a purple adult-sized tricycle sitting alone at the edge of a parking lot near a wooded area.

What seemed like minutes of contemplation was probably mere moments, but I sat there and just watched and waited. Who’s purple adult-sized tricycle is this? Where is it’s owner? Furthermore, would she mind if I just took it for a spin? I decided that surely my nap could wait a few more minutes—I had to check this thing out.

A minor disappointment gripped my sleepy mind as I heard a voice emerge from the woods. It was the purple trike’s owner appearing from a trail gushing about the beauty she had just encountered in the woods. “Well, I’ve come this far,” I said aloud to myself “I might as well check out what the fuss is about.” So I continued on into the woods reassuring my mind… Don’t worry, you’ll get your nap. I trudged down a path only to stumble upon a stunning rock formation that framed in a rushing stream. Colors of a purple far more vibrant than that of the adult-sized tricycle ruptured from trees as the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. The sleepiness that shackled my mind quickly eroded away as a new plan of adventure was devised—I’m going fishing! That afternoon turned out to be one of the most life-giving days that I have had in months. It was all determined by a moment…

One moment.

In the Exodus text, we read that Moses had a similar moment that changed the trajectory of his entire life. Imaginably dejected, he had been following a routine of drudgery. Formerly, he was in a position of privilege and prestige. Now? Well, most days were spent wandering an arid climate with sheep. Not much glamor there…

But then, in a moment, everything changed.

Moses noticed what the text calls a “peculiar sight”—a bramble engulfed in flames. The mere occurrence of a bush on fire in the arid Sinai climate was nothing to write home about. In fact, the Dictimnus plant known to that area can seemingly “self-combust” during its pollination causing a rapid flash-fire. Moses easily could have walked by. But this wasn’t a flash-fire. This bush wasn’t seeming to burn up.

One moment.

Moses chooses to investigate the peculiar deviation from the norm. In doing so, he encounters the living God who reorients the entire trajectory of his life. Moses embraced the interruption.

God has prepared a myriad of peculiar interruptions for us today. Sometimes it is a burning bush; other times it is a purple adult-sized tricycle. Still, other times the interruptions are less than novel. Being cut off in a meaningful conversation, an unexpected hospital stay, or even a traffic jam are all things that we hate. They interrupt our lives.

But perhaps we were meant to embrace the interruption. It may just be God calling out to us.


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