As Family We Go Field Notes

“I’ve got something to ask you.” Night after night, we stand in the lobby at the conclusion of the show to hear people’s stories, pray, and answer questions about As Family We Go. Still, whenever someone leads off the conversation with that statement, it can go sideways pretty quickly. Bracing for an awkward turn, I […]

Hope in the Desert

My back was in agony from a full day of contorting in my seat—as is often typical aboard an airplane. Cancelled flights, long layovers, and a transit from one side of the country to the other had taken its toll and all I could think about was climbing into my bunk on the bus and […]

Breaking Radio Silence

Breaking radio silence. The end of summer just got away from me. It’s not that I stopped existing. It’s not that even stopped caring. It just got away from me. But it’s a deviation from the norm that has re-initiated my drive to keep writing. I was leaving a conference in Asheville, North Carolina to […]